RRR 002 was a show featuring Gina Birch and Ana da Silva of the Raincoats, with Linus, at the Spitz in London.

RRR 001 was a free dancing party at a DJ bar in Chalk Farm.

Sophie playing bass
Mother, what is a RRR?


RRR is Andy and his friends. Andy is a member of LINUS.


RRR is a series of events, publications and artworks.




London, UK, and wherever you are reading this.


The term 'rock and roll' has come to mean certain things: groups of boys looking miserable, a set of poses suggesting an affected 'attitude' (of meaningless arrogance or aggression), old guys in the local pub playing lumpy twelve-bar blues.

Rock and roll was a slang term for sex. The DJ Alan Freed may have been the first person to apply it to what was then, in the early fifties, known as rhythm and blues. It fit - the music was sexy, the performers were sexy, the rhythms were raunchy and frenzied and lewd. The great rock and roll singers at that time were not like today's 'rock and roll' bands. They didn't mope around being uptight and resentful and trying to look like smack addicts. Little Richard, blatantly gay, screaming and laughing and grinning wild-eyed, Bo Diddley, a chubby guy with glasses, Gene Vincent, a vision of loveliness in black leather with his shy, sweet smile.

The music came from black gospel (where Sister Rosetta Tharpe was an early pioneer of rock and roll style guitar) and blues and jazz, and white hillbilly music. It has spawned soul and psychedelia and heavy metal and punk and hip hop, absorbed classical and experimental and jazz forms, been used to sell everything from records to bank accounts, and landed up beached and gasping for air in the new century. A supposedly back-to-basics rock band right now is a dull, unimaginative, joyless thing. Rock and roll was invented by the misfits, the downtrodden, the queers, the weaklings, for dancing and sex and different ways of thinking. I'm not saying it's compulsory to be one of these people to participate in it. That's the point, it's for everyone, not just sullen middle-class white boys like me. But it's been forgotten what it really is, where it came from and where it might go.

So we're reclaiming rock and roll. For us and for you. For fun.


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